• Improving

    the gender gap in the computer science field in Afghanistan.

  • Elevating

    entrepreneurship and technical literacy among women in Afghanistan.

  • Educating

    and empowering female students in Afghanistan by teaching them to code.

  • Building

    a strong and professional network of women in technology in Afghanistan.

We Strengthen, Inspire and Empower women in Afghanistan through Technology and Education.

Our Objectives

Code To Inspire opened Afghanistan's first female-only coding school in Herat in 2015 and will expand to Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif. We provide a safe and secure place where students can learn, express themselves, and enjoy being in an educational environment. The program is free of charge to students. Besides providing technical and professional development, CTI teaches students how to become strong, confident leaders and advocates for change.


Learn by Doing

Students are challenged to find a problem inside their community and develop a technical solution.

Educational Enrichment

A one year program for 50 students from varying educational backgrounds, age 15-25.

Gender Equality

Improve social, economic and educational standards.

Digital Currency

Advocate the use of digital currency.

We are going to empower girls online without being worried of physical and geographical distances. They come online, they work online and they get paid online.
Fereshteh Forough

About Us

Code to Inspire is a nonprofit committed to teaching female students in Afghanistan how to code.

Helping Women in Afghanistan

Code to Inspire is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit that is committed to educating female students in Afghanistan and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as a freelancer and become entrepreneurs driving innovation.

  • 85% of women in Afghanistan have no formal education and are illiterate.
  • Labour force participation for women in Afghanistan is 15.7%.
  • Only 24.3% of Afghan women receive secondary education.
  • The total number of students in public universities in Afghanistan in 2014 was 154,498 of which only 30,915 were women.
This is a big problem.

It is a tough, challenging but inspiring life for women in Afghanistan. Education for women is still controversial, with many schools for girls destroyed and some girls prevented from even attending these schools.

Helping Women

Changing Lives

Changing Their Lives

We provide women in Afghanistan a safe and secure location to learn the skills that will connect to them to the global marketplace.

  • As of December 2014 nearly 90% of Afghans live in areas with telecommunications coverage.
  • There are 21,588,288 mobile phone users in Afghanistan.
  • 80% of Afghan women have regular or casual access to a mobile phone.
  • About 2,500,000 Afghans, or 8% of the population, have access to Internet Services.

We help women by teaching them how to code and showing them on how to leverage existing job marketplaces so that they can freelance and develop websites and apps for clients anywhere in the world. This affords them the opportunity to earn much more than the local regional wages in Afghanistan and change their lives, and their communities, for the better.

Imagine. Create. Make. Do.

Help females in Afghanistan learn to code and decrease the gender gap.

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