Our Objectives

Code to Inspire (CTI) uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality.


We build skills and infrastructure for women to compete in the global tech market, empowering them financially and socially.


As role models for other young afghan women, CTI graduates demonstrate that women are capable of adding value to their communities far beyond simple housework.


Our Impact

The CTI model is a scalable approach to tackle gender inequality and poverty.


CTI graduates add value to their community and families.

Families and communities that embrace this value do better than ones that don't.


Grassroot level changes at the family and community levels drive changes at the national level.


We are going to empower girls online without being worried of physical & geographical distances.

About Us

Code to Inspire is a nonprofit committed to teaching female students in Afghanistan how to code. CTI aims to hitch women's economic and social advancement on to Afghanistan's growing tech industry. Courses in coding, access to tech & professional resources, and job placement will enable CTI students to attain employment that is both financially rewarding and socially accessible. In areas where women's travel can be heavily restricted, the ability to work remotely is a key tool in the push for equality. Access to the wealth of the global tech economy enables CTI students to add unique value to their households and their communities, and to challenge the traditional gender roles in Afghanistan with the best argument out there, results.

The problem today


Female Labour Participation in Afghanistan


Female Labour Participation in Low Income Countries


of young women in Afghanistan lack formal education and are illiterate.


of university students in Afghanistan are women.

Why now


Female students in Afghanistan compared to 0 in 2001.


Female business owners who list computer, accounting, or project management as skills they need to improve.

In the press

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